Thursday, July 27, 2006

When Charismatics respond without reading what you have to say.

Recently, I received a blog comment from a Charismatic on my myspace Pentecostal article. His response was very generalized and I doubt he even read what I had to say before he posted. But what's interesting is that he referred me to his father's website that actually has video clips. Its amazing to me how Charismatics say they have physical evidence for healings, but can never provide medical documentation. You can check these videos for yourself at keithbarr's website. Anyways, here is my reply to Gino:

I checked out your father's website and watched all of the healing testimonies. And quite honestly, I left very unconvinced. Besides video clips, do you have any documentation that these healings really took place. For example, does the woman with the supposed new lung have any evidence, such as an X-ray showing that God gave her an extra lung? Or for the STD victim, I would very much like to call her doctor and see if her healing can be substantiated. I'm not trying to say that everyone who heals is a liar, i'm just saying I need more than some video clips that I have no way of checking out to see if it really happened.

well anyway, i disagree with you because we're not in biblical times so alot of things that we go through differ from back then.

I couldn't agree more that things aren't what they used to be. The canon is closed, the church has been established, and we are awaiting the return of Christ. So on what basis can we claim that everything that the early church experienced should be experienced today?

Paul basicaly told timothy that bodily exercise isn't important. Today it is because technology has made our lives easier. We don't have to walk everywhere because we have cars.

Um...please show me where Paul said this to Timothy. Thanks.

The past four years for me has been a gradual healing. (read my blog) So yes, i believe in healings, both instant and gradual.

I believe in instant and gradual healings as well. Please don't take offense to this, but i'm beginning to doubt that you've even read my blog. If you had read it, I think you would have realized that I do believe that God can and does heal today. For example, I said in the healings section:

And just so I dont give the wrong impression, I believe that all the miracles recorded in scripture happened as written. And I also believe that God can and does perform miracles today.

I also have a true story of GOD bringing a young girl back from the dead. Just because you haven't heaard anything doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

Again, please don't take offense, but everyone knows a friend who's pastor's brother knew a missionary who saw a girl rise from the dead. Anyone can say anything. I know plenty of Mormons who have experienced things that you wouldn't believe, such as having visions, raising the dead, etc. Are you going to believe them to? For me, I don't use my experiences as a test for truth. Like the Bible says (1 Thess. 5:21, Acts 17:11), I test all things in light of Scripture and judge my experiences throught that test.

Toungs and being slain in the spirit, yes and yes.

When you get a chance, I'd love to see your response to what I said in my blog about tongues and slain in the spirit and how you might substantiate those biblically.

Prophesy(to me) is a guide as to what's the next step in my christian walk. Not to be used in place of the word. I was taught that i can find my answers in the word and on my knees. But let's face it, i'm not going to find "gino thou are called to sing and to preach" in the bible.

Do you really need to see "gino, go and preach" in the Bible to know that its what you should do? Doesn't the Bible say to "Go and make disciples of all nation" (matt. 28:19), to use our gifts (or talents) to serve one another (1 Pt. 4:10), and that we all play an important role in the body of Christ (1 Cor. 12:12-26)? And don't you have wise and godly mentors to give you guidance and direction? I don't see why you need a "Word from the Lord" outiside of Scripture, from a prophet or whatever, to know what to do.

Also it's not a lack of faith that hinders miracles... it's unbelief; if i'm not mistaken this is something Jesus himself adressed at different times.

I couldn't agree more. This was most definitely addressed by Christ many times. Atleast we can agree that faith is not something we can just muster up ourselves. Faith is a gift (Ph. 1:29, Col. 1:3-4). But regardless, God heals on the basis of His will, not ours. When we pray for healings, we should most definitely believe that Christ can heal anything and everything, but we must pray that His will be done (1 John 5:14-15).

Again, thanks for taking interest in my blog and I look forward to your response :-)

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Joanna Martens said...

team pyro writer dan phillips is giving a few good posts about charismatics. It's good. I can't remembere the i think, but if you go to my blog and off to the right side you'll see it listed under cool blogs. may i add you on my link roster?
good post- it is interesting that miracle healings in the Bible were always in wide open public with believers and nonbelievers seeing it happen. and the sick person didn't always ask for it! (the dead)
ttyl have a great day in the Lord.