Thursday, November 30, 2006

So far the worste (mis)representation of Calvinism i've ever seen

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Anyone who knows me knows that I don't get mad or upset when people disagree with me. You can even misrepresent what I believe and i'm not going to be mad. But when you hold a Doctorate of theology and publish your works and speak behind a pulpit of thousands and thousands of people, you had better do your homework. Unfortunately, such wasn't the case with the Southern Baptist preacher Nelson Price in this article.

How someone could hold a Doctorate in theology and publish such a blatenly dishonest critique of Calvinism is beyond me. And not only that, but i've heard Dr. Price preach this from the pulpet in front of thousands at Johnny Hunt's church in Woodstock, GA. But just in case you aren't sure where Price misrepresented Calvinism, i'll quote the specific portion:

A graphic understood by many Baptists regarding predestination is illustrated by this. A mass of people are gathered at a bus stop marked "Planet Earth." Along comes the Celestial Bus marked "Destination Heaven." It pulls up and stops. The driver, who is God, opens the door, and says, "All destined for heaven get on board." A number do. A missionary couple who with zeal have served Christ all their lives start on and God says, "Step aside. You haven't been chosen to ride this bus." A couple of infants start on and God tells them to step aside. Persons who from youth have loved and ministered in Christ..s name are told to step aside. As the bus is about to depart and the door is closing God says to those not on board, "Catch the next bus." "No," they plead, here comes the next bus and it is driven by Satan and marked "Destination Hell."

"Sorry," says God. "I didn't choose to save you. Your love and commitment to Jesus doesn't matter."

This is simply unbelievable. No Calvinist would even begin to suggest that God would refuse to allow someone into heaven who repented and believed. Why? Because those who God has predestine unto salvation will believe and repent without fail, each and every time. Or in other words, only those who are chosen will repent and believe because without the regenerating work of the Holy Spirit, no one will ever believe.

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