Saturday, January 27, 2007

My views on health as a Christian

Most people who regularly read my blogs could probably care less about my diet, or even their own. But I am a firm believer that one's physical diet can play a crucial part in their spiritual diet. Note the words of the famous reformed theologian and pastor, Jonathan Edwards:

By a sparingness in diet, and eating as much as may be what is light and easy of digestion, I shall doubtless be able to think more clearly, and shall gain time; 1. By lengthening out my life; 2. Shall need less time for digestion, after meals; 3. Shall be able to study more closely, without injury to my health; 4. Shall need less time for sleep; 5. Shall be more seldom be troubled with the head-ache." (see The Works of Jonathan Edwards, vol. 1 pg. 35)

I don't want to spend too much time writing this, but I did want to point out that I feel that a healthy diet and consistent exercise life is absolutely essential to every believer (or every human for that matter). If anyone needs any advice or council on health and exercise, please let me know. I think that no matter who you are or how busy you are, you can live a healthy life. And if you've every achieved this, you know how rewarding it can be!

The main objective of my diet is:

a) Eat as much organic foods as possible (anything from the Natural Foods section at Kroger)

b) Eat as low-fat foods as possible

As long as you follow these two guidelines to the best of your abilities, you will be good to go. Here's a list of foods that I may buy:

1. V8 drinks (fusion, splash, vegetable, etc.)
2. Orange juice
3. Soy, Rice, or Lactose-Free Milks
4. Wheat noodles
5. Organic Frozen fruits/Vegetables
6. Boneless, skinless chicken breasts w/ no added preservatives or hormones.
7. Ground turkey
8. Organic spaghetti sauce
9. Whole wheat bread that is NOT enriched.
10. any non-prepackaged deli turkey (boar's head)
11. Veggie Cheese
12. Water
13. Quesadilla's
14. Organic toquitos
15. Organic fries
16. Organic broccoli Bites (sorta like chicken nuggets)
17. Organic cereal
18. organic cereal bars
19. Organic crackers
20. Organic peanut butter
21. Organic yogurt
22. Organic english muffins
23. Masada bagels (or organic bagels if you can find them)
24. Multi-grain freschetta pizza (not too bad, but don't eat more than once a week). You can add turkey pepperoni if you want.
25. Fresh fruits and veggies
26. Organic tortilla chips
27. Organic veggie cheese mexican dip
28. Light ragu cheeses (for chicken recipes)
29. Last but not least, TAKE YOUR VITAMINS!!!!! Vitamins are not optional; they are essential!!

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