Thursday, April 10, 2008

Some updates

FINALLY, I updates my links. I don't keep up with my blogspot site as much as I do my myspace; which I should, considering the fact that many who read this blog don't have myspace. At any rate, my blogroll has been updated as well as some links. Since I posted the old links about a year ago, i've been heavily involved with JW apologetics. I plan on doing a better job keeping these updated, as well as transition from my myspace page (which i'd rather be keep personal, and my blogspot more public) to making "the apologetic front" my primary focus for apologetics.

Some plans for the future might include the following:

1. Engaging in debate using Youtube as the platform (although i'm not sure how cross-examination would work).
2. Posting in-depth articles
3. The formation of a website, thus making "the apologetic front" more of a ministry, rather than limiting it to a blog.

Also, if you have any links that I could use in adding to the current ones, i'm all ears!

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