Monday, July 07, 2008

something to note

For the next 5 weeks my band will be in new York recording our first full length album. If you want to check us out go to My Internet access is going to limited not only bc our housing doesnt have Internet (I'm using my phone to write all of this), but bc im the drummer, and drums go first in the recording process. So I apologize if my interactions with your comments are scarce. Dave and I are still seeking to wrap up our debate on the deity of Christ. We basically have to finish one section of the cross-examination and then issue our final closing statements.

Other than that, I'm hoping to continue blogging once my recording is done, since I'll just be hanging around doing nothning while the rest of the band finishes recording!


Mike said...

Drum away bro! I am a drummer, and did one recording session once. What a fun time it was. I also marched as a split-center snare drummer of 8 snares in a drum and bugle corps in the mid-90's. That was some chop-building fun there.

Who are your influences? What is your favorite style?

Best wishes on the recording session. Most of all....HAVE FUN!

Mike-e said...

wow, thats really cool! I have a marching band background as well!

I'm pretty much a rock drummer. Haven't had the chance to really get into any other styles. Probably my biggest influences are Adom Willard from Angels and Airwaves, Zak from Jimmy Eat World and Chris from Bayside. Probably haven't heard of these bands, but these guys are just really good, simple, and solid drummers.