Monday, September 22, 2008

A study in Scriptural and logical gymnastics

If you would like to study the art of Scriptural and logical gymnastics, then look no further. Me and Tom "SheepandGoats", one of Jehovah's Witnesses, once had an exchange that lasted a few emails before he realized that i'm a terrible, mean, horrible, nasty person that just likes to argue, therefore having no further interaction with me. But all I can do now is pray for his salvation and point out his erroneous ways in hopes that someone else will set him straight.

In his post, Tom uses the classic "they aren't false prophecies because they were simply misinterpreting Scripture." Yeah, so as long as Benny Hinn cites a Scripture backing for his next outrageous prophetic, "word from the lord," then he's off the hook? Works great doesn't it? I can see it now, back in the days of Moses; they were about to stone him for uttering a false prediction in "the name of Jehovah" and he cries, "wait...wait!!! I forgot to mention that I based my prediction on Scripture!"

"well, why didn't you say so?" exclaims Moses. "All right guys, throw down your rocks. Sorry about the misunderstanding! For a second there I thought you were simply speaking your own dreams and guesses! Didn't know you were just misinterpreting the Scriptures!"

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Sacchiel said...

That's right, no such thing as a false prophets then *sighs* Lord bless you.