Sunday, November 30, 2008

Question for Jehovah's Witnesses on Justification


Anonymous said...

While it is indeed faith that produces righteousness, the "works" in view in Romans 4 are works pertaining to the law. If one reads starting in chapter 3 and through 4 there are repeated references to the law and examples from the law that offer this specificity. This is why, contrary to some, Paul's words do not contradict those of James in James 2. The works James discussed are works of faith. These are required insomuch that true faith always produces such works. On the other hand, works of the law do not save.

Mike-e said...

Thanks for your comment. Surprisingly, i'm getting no responses to this on my YouTube page from JW's, so I appreciate your doing so. Just so I can be clear on what you're saying before I respond, are you suggesting that "works" in Romans 4 and elsewhere are only referring to the Mosaic law?