Friday, January 09, 2009

Pat Robertson's "prophecy" for 2009

Yeah, I just have to include this at the beginning of each year because it reminds me of how far the church has strayed from true biblical discernment. It just amazes me how this man has any credibility left, after one failed prediction after another. Yet, you can see in this video how intently people are listening to Robertson, as if he really is a prophet of God. Just a few things I wanted to note:

1) Apparently, there must have been some new manuscript discoveries that prove that Matthew 7:15 wasn't part of the original text.

2) Apparently, the biblical requirements for prophets don't include certainty as to whether or not they are really "hearing from the Lord." I wonder if Isaiah ever said something along the lines of, "well, I really hope I am hearing correctly from the Lord. If not, then it'll be my fault rather than His."

3) It seems as if Robertson's predictions are simply the opposite of what the experts say.

4) I feel sorry for everyone who actually listens to Robertson and has high hopes for his "predictions" and becomes disappointed when they don't come true.

Anyway, here's Robertson's "prophecy" for 2009:


DR Page said...

I read your blog of Oct 19, 2006. I can appreciate a self styled apologist, as I fancy myself in the same light. It disturbs me that you haven't found instances of healing before the 19th century. Have you not read of a trip that John Wesley took with his brother Charles? John's horse came up lame. John laughingly prayed for his horse in jest before Charles. The horse was instantly healed and neither man ever joked about it again.
There is another Martin Luther had a servant/student whose name I must beg forgiveness as I can't spell it. He was sick unto death when Luther turns to the window and declared to God that if healing was not part of the plan that the Lord could leave him out. We know God was with Luther.
These are but tales of men but should we throw them out because they don't match our experience.
There are still others whose stories I've not told but you may benefit from a biography of Sir Francis Drake.

Mike-e said...

Thanks for your comment. I've never denied that God heals today. In fact, i'm convinced God is active in healing every single day. However, my opinion in that blog was geared towards those who believe that the apostolic gift of healing has always been here. That is, I am unaware of anyone before the 19th century who believed as Pentecostals do today.

This isn't something i've discussed in quite a while, but haven't really found any reason to shift my views on this. And the examples you cited don't show me that these men had the same ability to heal at will as Jesus and the apostles.

Anonymous said...

people might like to read the statistics. the us economy made a turn around in about april may of 2009 but as the authors said still a time to be complacent. Tim