Monday, March 23, 2009

Dan Barker vs.Doug Wilson

How did I not hear about this debate until recently? I was listening to this debate on a 6 hour drive to Ocala, FL and was pretty much in awe the whole time. If not already, this should be one of the classic debates between atheism and Christianity. It is certainly up there with the famous Bahnsen/Stein debate. Doug Wilson made a powerful and compelling presentation of the truth of the triune God, without which, we would have no objective basis for rationality, logic, or morality. It seemed that Dan Barker (who i've listened to many times in the past) wasn't quite prepared to deal with the presuppositional approach. This is a debate that everyone needs to listen to and truly illustrates the power of the presuppositional approach:




Brian said...

Thanks for posting this... I must listen soon!!

Anonymous said...


This is absolute nonsense.

God must be there, because without him, logic and reason do not truly exist.

That is madness, and obviously very comforting to believers. Enjoy your illusion my Christian friends!

Mike-e said...

In light of your comment, did you actually take the time to listen to this debate?

Anonymous said...

The transcendental argument that Wilson employs is not compelling or convincing. The fact that christians have to resort to such philosophical mumbo-jumbo demonstrates the weakness of their position.

The Apologetic Front said...

Would you care to share why you didn't find it convincing?