Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Book Review: "The God Who Justifies" by James White

This is easily the best book on the subject available. In "The God Who Justifies," James White spends hundreds of pages exegeting the key texts which actually deal with the doctrine of Justification. This is in contrast to those who seek to go to texts which don't actually deal with "justification" and try to prove that justification is not by faith alone. I think that in order for those objections to hold any water, then they have to consistently do what James White has done, and exegete the primary passages where justification is discussed.

The first portion of the book provides some historical background behind the word "to justify." That is, the Hebrew Scriptures are examined in order for us to see how the Christian writers applied the term. The next portion of the book goes into great depth in exegeting the key passages in which "justification" is used and applied. I really enjoyed this aspect of the book because rather than seeking to establish a doctrine, White actually derived the doctrine by exegeting the passages from start to finish. And I think this truly separates this book from other attemps that have sought to merely "proof-text" rather than discuss the context of those passages.

If you are looking for an in-depth look at the doctrine of justification, then you must have this book. I can think of no other than deals with this issue at such a highly technical level.

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