Sunday, August 23, 2009

From nothing comes everything

I didn't know it was that simple. I mean, it used to boggle my mind as to how nothing could produce everything. But who am I to think that such an event is logically impossible? Wasn't there some old philosopher guy who taught that from nothing, nothing comes? Seemed pretty logical to me. But who was I fooling?

Good thing we have people like Janna Levin, a Ph.D astrophysicist to set me straight:

Any questions?

(ht: Uncommon Descent)


Anonymous said...

Oh, it's that simple? There was nothing, and now there is everything. Sure that makes sense.

Mike Felker said...

Sounds like you are as confused as I am ;-)

21CrosschecK21 said...

I kept waiting for the punch line. Sadly it never came.

A'Mar said...

Hey Janna, sweetie, lets look at your math hun.

0+0=1lk;mj;94lk?!fd nope wait more time more time!

Wait I got it, lets add billions of years to the math, maybe that will help ;-)

000000000+000000000=1lk;mj;94lk?!fd ahhh forget it I give up.