Thursday, October 01, 2009

Richard Dawkins Interviewed at The Royal Ontario Museum

Go HERE to watch the interview.

I have a few comments about this interview. First, notice all of the assumptions and passing comments that are made, such as, "Oh, this is the cousin of that over there." Imagine how a creationist would be criticized for making the same sort of passing remarks and assumptions if he were doing so in a creation museum. Evolutionists would not have it!

A few other observations about the interview:

"They don't look at the evidence. If they did look at the evidence, they would be persuaded."

Who is "they?" Perhaps the vast majority of those who deny evolution? The same people who have a high school or college education? The same people that wouldn't have passed their tests if they didn't "look at the evidence?" It would be like someone passing a test on the Civil War without having any prior knowledge about the event. Surely Dawkins isn't going to argue that no evolution-denier has ever not looked at the evidence?

"I'm interested in persuading those who are perfectly capable of understanding and looking at the evidence and haven't gotten around to doing so. And why should they?"

If this is the case, then why not deal with our arguments from our best resources? Why pretend that his most educated critics do not exist?

"How sad that children should be brought up in ignorance of this amazing fact of our existence and how it came to be."

Who's children? Sure, you might find some fundy, independent Baptists living in the woods somewhere, who homeschool their children and tell them that dinosaurs never existed. But i'd be willing to bet that these make up a very small percentage of evolution-deniers. For the rest of us, we go to public schools that teach evolution as a fact, and our parents take us to museums. So who exactly is Dawkins referring to here? If he's referring to informed Creationists, we actually encourage children to learn about evolution. Can Dawkins or any evolutionist show me just one Creationist or Intelligent Design organization that condones bringing up our children in ignorance?

"I jokingly refer to myself as Darwin's Tyrannosaur...I [have] these yappy Terriers snapping at your heels refusing to look at the evidence and much worse, browbeating and brainwashing children into not looking at the evidence too. Its so sad and such a waste of time."

More evidence that Dawkins is living in a dreamworld. Again, who is "refusing to look at the evidence?" Can Dawkins prove any evidence that this is the case?

I think Dawkins just can't understand how we can deny evolution. And because of this, he creates a false reality where all his informed critics are simply an illusion. Perhaps the following syllogism will illustrate:

I. Anyone who looks at the evidence for evolution will be convinced.

II. There are people who look at the evidence, but aren't convinced.

III. Therefore, evolution-deniers don't exist.

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