Monday, October 26, 2009

Watchtower CD Library on a Mac?

Needless to say, I was pretty excited to find that I could run the Watchtower 2008 CD Library on my Mac. Yes, its a Windows-only program, but someone was smart and nerdy enough to figure out how to get it to run on a Mac without a Windows emulator. Above is a screen shot. If anyone wants to know how to get the Watchtower Library on their PC or Mac without having the actual CD, please hit me up. The Watchtower CD Library is an absolute essential for anyone who studies Watchtower theology and history; whether from inside the organization or outside. And unless you're a baptized member, you can't get it through the Watchtower like you can their other publications. Or you could spend 60 bucks on ebay for the cd. But why do that?


Rob said...

please tell me how you did this

Mike Felker said...

There's a couple of different ways. One thing you will need to do is have some type of torrent software. I usually use limewire. Its free, just google "limewire mac" and there should be links for downloads.

Next, you will need to download the software for the Watchtower library. Just google "Watchtower library 2008 torrent" and there should be links to download. Piratebay is usually a pretty good server to use. When you start the download, limewire will probably automatically open and start the download. This will probably take several hours.

Next, you will need to to this website and follow the instructions:

There will be a program that you download. Just so you know its the right one, once it starts downloading, it will be named something like: Watchtower_library_for_mac_v.1.2.2

Once this program is downloaded, open it. It will be the program that allows the WT library to run on your mac. It will tell you that you need to insert your WT CD. Since you don't have the CD (or maybe you do?), you will need to start the install by double clicking on the WT file to get it going.

Unfortunately, I don't remember exactly which file you are supposed to open in the WT torrent that you downloaded. I think it is the .exe file. Regardless, when you have the WT library emulator open, just click on one of the files in the WT folder until one starts the download process.

I hope my instructions weren't too confusing. I honestly wasn't expecting it to work at all for me, since I didn't have the physical cd. So I kinda had to play with it until it worked.

Please let me know if you need any further instruction. You can also email me at if you like.

Good luck!