Tuesday, November 24, 2009

If you are going to debate the details of Darwinian Evolution, please do your homework.

Kirk Cameron, God bless him and his ministry. But I found myself smacking my forehead raw on this one. This guy just uses really bad arguments. I mean, who in the world would argue that speciation doesn't occur? If I were an evolutionist, I wouldn't believe Cameron either. He just hasn't done is homework and seemingly refuses to be corrected when he's in the wrong. I've never been about "winning" or "losing" in discussions, but this girl completely mopped the floor with Cameron. I hate to say this, but i'm ashamed of the manner in which Cameron has shown disrespect to his opponents by not taking the time to really evaluate their arguments. As Christians, we have no excuse for this. Our arguments should be based on the best possible reasons.

I realize that one can get lost in the details of biology and such. But why argue things that you have no business arguing? If you haven't taken the time to study biology, then don't dive into the details pertaining to speciation or DNA transcription. Instead, argue the big picture points, or discuss an area where you have more experience. And in Cameron's case, it would be talking about the gospel and what sinners must do to be made right with God. That is what all Christian's are admonished to do. And none of us have any business talking about things that we know nothing about. That goes for me and you.

If you want some specifics on some of the things that Cameron should not have said, please check out this article on ARGUMENTS CREATIONISTS SHOULD NOT USE.


Rey Discomfort said...

Maybe because he's dishonest?

Ray Comforts ministry relies on proving the gospels by debunking evolution, a very bad move if you ask me.

The arguments a creationist should be summed up as - Stay out of scientific debates.

Mike Felker said...

I will certainly concede that debunking evolution would do nothing, in and of itself, in substantiating the truth of the gospel.

I've watched Cameron in his street preaching endeavors, where he talks about the gospel, and does a fine job of sharing it.

But when he starts arguing things to which he has not done is homework (especially in his debate with the "rational response squad"), the wheels completely fall of the truck.

You are certainly entitled to call him dishonest. But i'd just prefer to call it disrespectful and futile.

And I will agree that creationists should stay out of scientific debates, that is, unless they really do their homework.

Samuel said...

+1 to this.