Friday, December 25, 2009

The wonders of Evolution!

This is truly magnificent! Evolution is so beautifully displayed in these instances! Thanks to Darwin and modern genetics, we now know how random mutation and natural selection, plus a really really long time, can produce such amazing feats of engineering genius. I don't mean "engineering genius" to imply "intelligence." No, that would violate naturalistic materialism. The reason being, science cannot operate on anything but that. Therefore, I can conveniently conceive of any biological design, even the most mind-boggling complexity, and perceive an explanation as long as it is within the realm of my materialistic worldview. Praise science!


Samuel said...

Forgive me for my ignorance.... but I have yet to really figure this out.

How does ID operationalize "complexity" and "intelligence"?

Everytime I see them use those words - it's always in a very ambiguous, ill-defined and interchangeable sort of way....

bossmanham said...

Similar to the way we do it in archaeology when we find oddly shaped dried mud that we decide are pots purposely formed by human beings we've never seen before.