Sunday, January 24, 2010

A challenge to futurists on Matthew 24

Eschatology has always been a bit of an interest to me. There have been times where I focused too much on the subject (I was practically obsessed with Tim Lahaye books), and other times when I focused too little. Until recently, I was a very staunch futurist in that I believed that Matthew 24, the book of Revelation, and other prophetic books like Daniel, had a future fulfillment. However, the more I studied Reformed theology, the more I became exposed to the preterist view, whether it be amillennial or postmillennial. One thing that really challenged my view was reading alternate exegesis of Matthew 24, which would describe all of the events as having a past fulfillment in 70 C.E. in the events leading up to the destruction of Jerusalem.

Though i'm not completely set on this idea, it seems to be the most reasonable. With that said, i'd like to pose a challenge to anyone who views Matthew 24 as having a unique, future fulfillment. And specifically, i'd like to see someone choose one specific event listed in the account that specifically, uniquely, unequivically refers to a future event. That is, do not choose an event that had some sort of "dual fulfillment." I want to see if there is even one event in Matthew 24 that could not have possibly been in reference to the destruction in 70 C.E.

I'd appreciate any insights on this and i'll either interact in the comment section or in a future blog. And keep in mind that this is not a debate. I just want to discuss this with an open mind and respectfully share our views with each other.

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Marcus McElhaney said...

Mike, this is a brilliant idea. I thank God for you. I've written my response at