Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Greg Stafford on blood

Though I disagree with Greg Stafford on a lot of things, I have always appreciated his insights on certain matters, whether they are in agreement or disagreement with the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. In particular, I have enjoyed his commentaries on the Jehovah's Witnesses view on blood. Though i'd highly recommend picking up his Jehovah's Witnesses Defended 3rd edition, I would consider taking a look at some of his articles on blood that he has posted on his WEBSITE and BLOG, especially THIS BLOG ARTICLE. For too long has the Watchtower society and Jehovah's Witnesses ignored the many arguments that critics have posed against their blood policies. And it is especially bothersome when someone like Stafford, who was a loyal JW for years, published books dealing with the issue, and even wrote directly to the society, gets ignored.

If the Watchtower isn't going to deal with these criticisms, then I think those few JW apologists who defend their faith online, should.

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