Sunday, March 28, 2010

Probably the worst atheist argument I have ever heard

From a recent blog by JOHN LOFTUS:

You know you like it. Sometimes all you can think of is having sex. Come on. You know this is true. Sometimes it dominates your thinking. You cannot wait to have it. You fantasize about it. You must have it. It is probably the best natural high we experience.

So why is an orgasm such a powerful motivator? It's not like we need it. We just want it. The power of the orgasm is so strong it motivates some men to rape women; some Catholic priests to direct these urges toward molesting children; and it drives the prostitution and the pornography industries, including child pornography.

The orgasm just does not look like something that a divine being would create. It is way too powerful of a motivator. The three masters of suspicion, Nietzsche, Marx and Freud all argued respectively that the three motivators in life are Power, Money, and Sex.

So why did God make our sex drive so strong? Why didn't he make the the orgasm less pleasurable? The pleasure of the orgasm is just too strong as it is. We all know this. With an evolutionary hypothesis this is what we'd expect to find, for our sex drive is good for the survival of our species. But under a theistic hypothesis it makes no sense.

If the pleasure of the orgasm was reduced there would be fewer sex crimes. To the degree the orgasm was created by God to have less pleasure then to that same degree there would be fewer sex crimes. Or, the orgasm could've been created so as not to be pleasurable at all. Or, God could've made the sex drive to be something of an instinct where we only want to do it when we want children and then also create our desire to have children periodically. If this is what God had done instead, then with divine commands to populate the world people would have sex for the purpose of bearing children in fulfillment of his commands, and that's it.

Moreover, the urge for sex seems to be too strong for most of us to overcome it. So why would God create us with this powerful urge and then prohibit it except under one set of conditions, a monogamous lifelong heterosexual married life. To masturbate certainly involves lust, does it not? But Jesus is found to prohibit lusting. What about sex before marriage? What's wrong with that? Most people in today's society, even Christians, have sex before marriage. What about people who will never be married? What about the years between marriages for people who are divorced? And what best explains the fact that there are many homosexuals in our world? Why would God create this strong urge for them and also condemn such an activity? This too makes no sense on a theistic hypothesis.

Hell, I'll even bet all this talk about sex will cause some readers to do a search right now for a sex site, even Christians. Say it isn't so. Christian, you search for sex sites. Yet you feel guilty about it. The problem is that the prohibitions that make you feel guilty about this do not come from God.

Here's my rebuttal: REALLY?????


bossmanham said...

Goodness, that guy is a huge loser.

JB said...

I've heard even worse, sad to say, but Loftus' rubbish is pretty down there as well--and this travesty is a prime example.

micheygirl66 said...

Wow!That's one of the most asinine things I've read in a while..on so many levels.