Thursday, May 27, 2010

David Wood on the Ground Zero Mosque

Everyone should watch this:


Rey Discomfort said...

I don't see what the big deal is, personally, I could think of 1,000 things that will serve a better purpose than a mosque, but, it doesn't bother me that they're building a mosque.

How many nations has Judaism and Christianity or any religion for that matter, conquered and indoctrinated?

And I don't see the humor in any of those pictures. They come off as more of a muslim, wet dream if anything at all.

I've see far worse, 'humorous' pictures that attacked all sides, muslim, christian, jew and victims of 9/11.

Israel, in my opinion, is a much bigger threat than any muslim nation I could think of, they want to go to war with Iran: How often has Israel carried out assassinations using fake passports to drag other countries into fighting their wars?

Mike Felker said...

Hey Rey, thanks for your comment. I agree that there are probably much bigger fish to fry, such as Israel going to war with Iran and other foreign affairs that affect our nation.

Nonetheless, I think Islam in America is on the slippery slope of being a huge issue. If you are familiar with Muslim conquest, what do they do in the central locations of their conquests? Build a mosque. Do you see the connection there with ground zero? Planting a huge mosque in the most economic central location as possible in the U.S.? Though it is yet to be demonstrably proven, it is my opinion that Sharia law is the end goal for Muslims. And it will directly effect us both. And the fact that the U.S. has granted Muslims uber-rights in the name of "tolerance" is the start of such a scheme.

Again, just my opinion.

Rey Discomfort said...

I see the connection, but I don't see the difference between the Muslim end goal and the Christian end goal.

Now, I agree with you, the fanatical muslims end goal, would be global domination, a world where we all live under Sharia Law. Again, though, I don't see how that's any different than what fanatical Jews or Christians want.

Personally, I see Muslims as a bigger threat. I don't know many moderate muslims, but the few I do know of don't speak out against the violence some of their muslims brothers preach.

And the fact that the U.S. has granted Muslims uber-rights in the name of "tolerance" is the start of such a scheme.

I don't see how Muslims are given special privileges. What they're doing might come off as being in poor taste to many people, but they're not breaking the law by doing it. I'd be fearful if just the opposite happened, that is, the Government stepping and telling them they couldn't ..

I do see what you mean though, people are being too protective of Islam, not allowing anyone to criticize the ideology without being labeled for it and I do think that needs to change.

Mark Hunter said...

I don't know any fanatical Christians who'll behead you for being an atheist. Good luck under Shariah law.

Anonymous said...

Everyone, Mark Hunter has this figured out. Let's just listen to him and everything will be better.

Rey Discomfort said...

Mark, how about the fanatical Christians that want to make homosexuality punishable by death in Uganda?

Anyone can take a persons religious beliefs and put them under a microscope. When I take a quote out of the bible and criticize it, I catch flack for not providing a context. Is that not the same thing displays in this video: the young man taking scripture and giving us his interpretation of it?

The fact that we can openly criticize religion in america has nothing to do with Christianity or any other religion .. It wasn't unheard of for Christians to punish heretics with death and it wasn't unheard of for pagans to punish atheist and those who worshiped other gods by death. I don't believe it's something we can accuse any one religion of doing, but something that exist.

Mark Hunter said...

Rey, what you're doing is putting Christianity and Islam under the same banner. The reality is Christianity won't execute you for not believing in God. Shariah law will.

As for what you say is happening in Uganda, there's no jurisdiction within Christianity to support killing homosexuals, therefore the very people who are doing so cannot claim to be Christians.

Within Islam, however, there is providence for killing atheists and homosexuals.

Like I said, good luck under Shariah law.

Mark Hunter said...

@ anonymous - when are you going to have the guts to put a name - even a made up name like Rey Discomfort - in the little box?

C'mon, no one take anonymous comments on blogs seriously.

Rey Discomfort said...

So how many atheist in Turkey and Iran have been put to death?

The last time I checked God was ok with the execution of homosexuals, didnt we learn this in the OT? Am I not doing the same cherry picking that you're doing?

So what do you suggest, mark? The government forbid muslims from practice? Internment camps? That we declare a holy war?

I'm not going tO lie, I think I agree with you that Muslims are dangerous (fanatics) even more so than fanatical Christians.

And if a name helps, mine is Anthony, I don't use blogger much at all, other than to reply ( that's why I haven't bothered to update the signature).

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Mark Hunter said...

"So how many atheist in Turkey and Iran have been put to death?"

I don't know, you tell me. Is atheism an accepted worldview in these countries, as in do people openly admit to being atheists? Also, I'm not sure you can put Turkey together with Iran as I believe one is more secular than the other (Turkey had "sided" with Israel for a while there against radical Islam). I could probably find you some stats on Christians who've been executed in Iran if you need them.

"The last time I checked God was ok with the execution of homosexuals, didnt we learn this in the OT? Am I not doing the same cherry picking that you're doing?"

Well, when did you last check this? What are your sources of authority on this? Have you researched what the Hebrew terms translated in the King James Version, for example, "put to death" actually meant? Maybe it's worth looking into that.

"So what do you suggest, mark? The government forbid muslims from practice? Internment camps? That we declare a holy war?"

No, that's an absurd conclusion to come to based on what I'm saying (see my actual comments on this thread). As far as I can see it's not the governments that are advocating holy war, but rather Islam. And like I've said, good luck under Sharia law; if you wish the decks to be swept clear on all traces of Christianity, that secularism is the only model of government, then I'm fairly sure Islam will be ready to step into the vacuum that will be created.

It's equally absurd to conclude that Islam is the same as Christianity; the central Christian moral tenet is love God, your neighbour and your enemy. That's a far cry from death to those who choose to believe in anything other than Allah.
By places the two religious groups in the same breath seriously undermines your argument.

And again, I urge you to do a bit of basic research into your claims that the OT advocates killing homosexuals, among others; this is a clear case of the cherry picking (and btw, I didn't say you were cherry picking).

Rey Discomfort said...

Is atheism an accepted world view in America? I'd say it's more 'tolerated' than accepted. Barack O. was one of the first presidents to even acknowledge "non-believers".

Like in america, atheist are a minority in Turkey. Yes, it's a largely secular country, but it's not without it's "creationism vs evolutionism".

Yes Christians have faced persecution in Iran, but Muslims have also faced the same fate in countries where it was majority Christian or Jewish. There still exist small populations of Christians in Iran ( I know a few, many of whom are armenian ).

Death, stoning, the severing of limbs -- were these not punishments given in the OT to those that broke "Gods Law"? Did the Jews not claim that God commanded them to conquer their enemies ( which included torture, rape and murder )? Are you telling me that Jesus never told his disciples to purchase a sword?

I'm about as much a theologist as you are a islamic scholar, I'm not trying to conflate christianity with Islam, but only trying to point out that christians have also spilled plenty of blood. If anything needs to be fought, it's dogmatism.

And by the way, I didn't say that you accused my of cherry picking, I, pointed out that when I qoute or interpret parts of Christian scripture I'm often told that I'm just cherry picking, but when christians do it to other religions, they somehow don't see it as such.

And as far as I'm concerned" Israel poses a bigger threat to my well being than any Islamic nation. 9/11 occurred because we as a nation stick our noses into other peoples business, "blowback" as the 9-11 commission report calls it. Meanwhile we have Israel carrying out assassinations, and provoking Iran.