Friday, June 11, 2010

Jehovah's Witnesses FAQ's #4: Why aren't you one of Jehovah's Witnesses?


Yahya Snow said...


Thanks for your comment. James White knows about allmy YouTube material and he has not responded.

Yet, White responds to lesser issues and tweets from the likes of Wario, Lumpkins etc.

Surely this is a pressing matter and White would have responded if he had a genuine response???

In all honesty I cannot say for sure why White has ignored my material...BUT I am sure my points are potent.

If White's supporters can press him on this issue then I would be appreciative of this action of be frank, I have given White ample time, notices and opportunities to respond...White remains conspicuous through his lack of response.

It further leads to the questioning of his intentions related to Ergun Caner...

God bless you my dear friend

Mike Felker said...

Mr. Snow, thanks for your comment. I can't say why White hasn't responded to your points, though i'm sure you have your own suspicions to which I am not informed enough to confirm or deny.

If I were more informed on the Shamoun stuff, I would personally call him and press him on it. Who knows, maybe someone will call him and ask about these points of interest that you have raised here as I would be interested in hearing his response.

Henrik said...

We are being Reborn when we are taking stand for Jehovah and getting baptised.
The GB has NOT elevated themselves to and high authority, they has the same value as everyone else. For example: If they of some reason should tell us all to gather for a mass suicide, NO ONE with good faith would show up. The Bible clearly says that we have to study and test all that we are being tought with his own word THE BIBLE. And if we canot find evidence to do such a thing we cant do it.

Mark Hunter said...
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Mark Hunter said...

Henrik, you say the Governing Body have not elevated themselves, yet they have written the following in the Study Edition of the Sept 2010 Watchtower (available from here (link to site);

"In this time of the end, Christ has committed “all his belongings”—all the earthly interests of the Kingdom to his “faithful and discreet slave” and its representative Governing Body, a group of anointed Christian men. (Matt. 24:45-47) The anointed and their other sheep companions recognize that by following the lead of the modern-day Governing Body, they are in fact following their Leader, Christ."

So, you as a Jehovah's Witness are following the Governing Body who are, by proxy, Jesus Christ. That's what the paragraph is saying. In black and white.

Isn't that elevating themselves above the rest of the Witnesses, likening themselves to Jesus Christ?

Here's another;
"Similarly today, a Governing Body composed of spirit-anointed Christians contributes to the unity of the worldwide congregation. The Governing Body publishes spiritually encouraging literature in many languages. This spiritual food is based on God’s Word. Thus, what is taught is not from men but from Jehovah.—Isa. 54:1"

What do we make of this one? Whenever a new Watchtower magazine comes out, you've to view what the Governing Body have written in at as coming from the mouth of God himself. Mistakes and all. Isn't that elevating themselves?

And lastly, from the same magazine;
"We cannot hope to acquire a good relationship with Jehovah if we ignore those whom Jesus has appointed to care for his belongings. Without the assistance of “the faithful and discreet slave,” we would neither understand the full import of what we read in God’s Word nor know how to apply it. (Matt. 24:45-47)"

So, when Jesus said the Holy Spirit would teach us and lead us into all truth, actually Jehovah's Witnesses need the "faithful and discreet slave", who we know are represented by the Governing Body.

Look how important the Governing Body are making themselves; without them you can't understand the Bible. Isn't that elevating themselves?

With respect and compassion, I'd ask you to reconsider your statement that the Governing Body do not elevate themselves. In the above quotes we've seen them putting themselves on the same level as;
- the Father in heaven
- the Son, Jesus Christ
- the Holy Spirit