Saturday, July 24, 2010

'Lose Christianity or face expulsion': Georgia student told to read 'gay' literature, attend 'pride parade,' change beliefs

THIS STORY truly speaks for itself in the secular degeneration of our nation and requires no commentary. Read and be utterly shocked. If you are a secularist, will you stand for this?

A lawsuit against Augusta State University in Georgia alleges school officials essentially gave a graduate student in counseling the choice of giving up her Christian beliefs or being expelled from the graduate program.

School officials Mary Jane Anderson-Wiley, Paulette Schenck and Richard Deaner demanded student Jen Keeton, 24, go through a "remediation" program after she asserted homosexuality is a behavioral choice, not a "state of being" as a professor said, according to the complaint.

Also named as defendants in the case that developed in May and June are other administrators and the university system's board of regents.

The remediation program was to include "sensitivity training" on homosexual issues, additional outside study on literature promoting homosexuality and the plan that she attend a "gay pride parade" and report on it....


Butterball said...

From a secular point of view it seems that the "case of Jen Keeton" is a mistake for the secularists.

First of all isn´t a secular society supposed to be "pluralistic and tolerant" and respectful for individuals and minority groups.

And then indirect say to Jen Keetons we don´t share your opinion but you have the right to hold that opinion without risking expulsion or being afraid to say what she think.

From a scientific or academic point of view shouldn´t the University or College promote a "free and critical thinking" and not making statements about holding a specific view is more "right" than holding another view. Or holding a specific view may get you into trouble.

I don´t live in USA but in my country it´s mandatory to read Gender literature on the University courses, for example.

Anonymous said...