Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Creating God in your own image by John Shelby Spong

Watch this video and be amazed at the hypocritical inconsistencies of "Bishop" Spong. Many liberals like to throw out criticisms of "the church made this up" and "the church made that up." But then what do these very same liberals conclude with? "But God really isn't like that, he's really like this." My question is, how does he know? This video gave me a full-on epistemological headache.


Mark Hunter said...

Some of his descriptions of heaven and hell/rewards or punishments for good or evil deeds remind me of the WTBTS explanations for such Biblical ideas.

However, I happen to agree with him on some of his notions of what religious does and intends to do, and also that the God of the universe cannot be contained in one book or church.

I happen to believe, however, that Jesus Christ alone is the way to God and that Jesus came to set us free from the punishment of sin and to give us life in all abundance.

Mike Felker said...

Mark, I agree with some of his views as far as they go, but only because I have an objective standard to appeal to. Spong, on the other hand, has no objective standard and seems to be wholly humanistic in his view. Such is inherently relativistic and thus becomes difficult for me to take seriously Spong calling my worldview "wrong" or whatever.