Monday, August 09, 2010

Presuppositional apologetics vs. Atheism on the Unbelievable radio program

Recently, on the UNBELIEVABLE radio program, an atheist "free thinker" engaged a theist on the existence of God.  While this radio show regularly hosts such interactions (i'd highly recommend subscribing to the PODCAST), this one was different.  To my knowledge, this is the first time the host brought on a presuppositionalist.  His name is Sye and runs the very interesting PROOFTHATGODEXISTS.ORG website.

And I must say; this was one of the best interactions i've ever heard on the issue.  Aside from a few "nit-pickies," I think that Sye did a brilliant job of not only explaining the presuppositional approach, but arguing it as well.  If you really want to see how powerful and biblical this apologetic is in action, then look no further.

You can listen to the hour long interaction HERE.


Sye TenB said...

Hey Mike, I've been trying to respond to your e-mail, but they keep bouncing back. Is there another e-mail address I can use?


Sye TenB said...

What nit-pickies? :-)

Mark Hunter said...

I've almost finished listening to this. I LOLd a few times as poor old Paul again and again painted himself into a philosophical corner. Good work Sye.