Thursday, September 30, 2010

How the Watchtower affected me (As shared by Brock)

Jehovah's Witnesses: does this video relate to you in any way?

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Anonymous said...

Wow, this guy is a jerk.

The suit and tie isn't to imitate paradise, but for the ministry, it's to cause no ground for stumbling to any who might listen to the message.

The concept of dressing how you feel (in rags) is of little importance to glorifying the Most High. He expects our best, I prefer to give it to him.

So, he knew you were almost an MS. That reveals something that would be almost immediately disqualify him, pride. No one knows (for sure), unless an Elder told him, which likely didn't happen.

This video relates to very few JW's. Only the arrogant ones who don't get 'moved up' in the Org, get mad, and leave. There are a few of those.