Monday, December 20, 2010

Atheists are not neutral

Finally. I've begun making videos in dealing with atheism and unbelief. Here's the first of what I hope turns into many:


Chris said...

Love the video, even if some of the pictures leave something to be desired :) I've shared it at my blog and corresponding Facebook page.

The Apologetic Front said...

ha! I knew my artistic skills would impress someone!

Axel said...

Oh come on, do you really think that atheists really care what Christians believe or that we feel compelled to "enlighten" them. If it makes believers happy and gives them a meaning to life then let it be. They should just refrain from imposing their moral or religious standards on secular society. i.e. they are free to hold their anti-gay views, pro-life views, etc. based on the interpretation of utterances of desert dwellers back in the Iron Age but have no right to impose them on society at large.
I don't feel any compulsion to convert Christians to atheism. If people find it necessary to believe in a supreme being to give them meaning, direction and purpose in life, so be it.
Believers should just accept that it is quite possible to lead a meaningful, fulfilling and satisfying life without belief.
As an atheist, I have an open mind and would welcome any new evidence that might modify my world view or thinking but the more I learn and hear about religion the less appealing it becomes.