Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Dialogue/Debate on the Watchtower's "two class" theology

Recenly, I engaged an apologists named STANDFIRM on the Watchtower's "two class" theology on the TOPIX discussion forum. Also joining me was an apologist by the name of "TruthSeeker," who holds a very similar position to me on this issue. Of course, some others chimed in on the discussion, but it was primarily the three of us. As far as I could tell, we covered most aspects of this issue, focusing on many of the "heaven texts," in which me and TruthSeeker argued that all Christians have an eternal hope on a restored earth rather than the WT's view of 144,000 in heaven and the rest living on earth.

Admittedly, I do not hold to the traditional view amongst many of those who oppose JW's, where they argue that Christians will not spend eternity on earth; instead, they will all go to heaven. The reason being, I've found this view (i.e. restored earth) to be more consistent and theologically defensible. Anyway, you can read the entire discussion titled, "Debate on the Eternal Destiny of Christians" HERE.

This also led me to the idea of doing more of a formal debate on this issue, whether audio/video or written. However, getting a JW to do any sort of debate like this is practically a shot in the dark and has no better chance of happening than a snowball in a blast furnace. But hey, I thought i'd give it a shot.

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