Saturday, December 25, 2010

Richard Dawkins on the Flood

You can watch the whole thing, but the noteworthy statements begin around 4:30 on the video below.

Here, Richard Dawkins explains the complete tragedy of those 40 percent of Americans who believe the Bible. And i'm still completely and totally baffled at Dr. Dawkins for doing so. You can really tell that he is genuinely concerned for these people and wishes that they would jump on board with the rest of the world. But i'm sorry Dr. Dawkins, you are going about it the wrong way. You may convince some, but you are not going to reach the masses with your approach. And here's why.

The moment you publish a book or make an argument, you completely plug your ears and blindfold yourself so that there is no possible way you can listen to or read what the Creationists would have to say in response. As i've enunciated many times before, it is not all that impressive when the other side will write books about Creationists, fly around the world giving lectures about them, appear on major TV and radio outlets talking about them, but refuse to interact with them. In addition, Dr. Dawkins has given absolutely no indication that he has really taken the time to read what Creationists have to say.

Again, this isn't too impressive to us. So as long as this continues with Dr. Dawkins, we will continue to believe what we believe and be willing to interact with Dr. Dawkins when he is ready. I mean, we even write books in response to his. How many times has he acknowledged or spent some time attempting to refute them?

Not the best way to look confident in your position, Dr. Dawkins. And it sure isn't the best way to reach that 40 percent you are talking about. But keep trying. I'm sure you'll continue to earn the support of loyal atheists, as I know you love the praise of men. After all, since the Universe is nothing more than matter-in-motion, what will it matter in the end anyway?


Mark Hunter said...

What are your thoughts on the flood, Mike?

I've sided with the localised flood theory for a while.

The Apologetic Front said...

Hey Mark, i'm definitely sided with the global flood as well as a young earth, but primarily for theological/exegetical reasons. Though i'm not ashamed in the least of the scientific aspects; just not my field of expertise.

Chris said...

Incidentally, I also hold to a global flood and a young earth, also primarily for theological/exegetical reasons. However, I think there's ample scientific evidence to support it, and I don't find compelling that which is presented as scientific evidence against those views.

Axel said...

Thanks for having the open-mindedness to publish Richard Dawkins' compelling evidence against the biblical idea of the global flood.
It is incomprehensible to me that any thinking person can even entertain this absurd idea in this day and age but I suppose this is where "belief" comes in.

Mike Felker said...

Axel, thanks for stopping by. There are actually some of us, as you mentioned, who have no problem in allowing the other side to present their arguments and letting the audience come to their own conclusions. Unfortunately, men like Dawkins aren't interested in the open exchange of ideas.

Erik John Bertel said...


I think the problem is really a matter of language with you, meaning YECs in general, speaking scripture and with Dawkins speaking science. Fundamentally, they are diametrically opposed; science is not faith and abides by a strict series of guidelnes and peer review that is outside the realm of spiritualism. You discount the scientific process and science discounts the Bible as the ultimate unerring word of god. I see no way to reconcile the two opposing worldviews.

The Apologetic Front said...

Erik, I appreciate your thoughts, but i'm not so sure its relevant to the point I was making (though I strongly disagree with them). My point is that if Dawkins wants YEC's to change, then he needs to step up to the plate and start interacting with our arguments as well as Creationists themselves.