Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Atheist Michael Shermer discusses creation with AIG biologist Georgia Purdom

What a great discussion!  Georgia Purdom, who is a Ph.D molecular biologist working for ANSWERS IN GENESIS engaged popular atheist/skeptic Michael Shermer on issues relating to Science, the Bible, evolution, and the age of the earth.  One of my reasons for posting this is because of the way the conversation was conducted.  Shermer was more than respectful in pressing Purdom on these issues and she was gracious to respond accordingly.  Actually, Shermer was the one asking questions the whole time as it seemed to be some kind of interview.

But what I found so great about this is not so much the fact that Purdom provided a biblically sound apologetic (though she certainly did!), but that both parties never let their emotions get involved.  That is, Shermer never asked anything like, "Why is your organization lying to children?  Why is your organization so dishonest?  Are you people really this stupid?"  Instead, he treated Dr. Purdom like an adult.  Both non-believers and Christians can very well learn from this conversation that is so commonly accompanied by heated argument.

Also, if you are one who is interested in seeing how a Creation scientist responds to questions relating to evolution and the age of the earth, I think you'll find this conversation very helpful.


bossmanham said...

Of course this may be the only time Shermer's ever acted like an adult.

Chris said...

Great video, Mike! Thanks for sharing it! Maybe Purdom'll be the one AiG gives me to interview :) AiG's agency hasn't forgotten about me, they've just been slammed cuz of the Ark project (which is awesome!). I asked them if they have an idea who I'll have the privelege to interview, I'll let you know as soon as I do.