Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Acts Bible study this Sunday for JW's, Ex-JW's, Christians, or whoever

I will be there with the nick, "TheApologeticfront"

Video description:

To participate, go to for the free download. We will be using audio only so there is no need to pay for an upgrade. If you wish you will have the opportunity to share your thoughts in two ways, either by speaking through a microphone or using the text section.

The name of the room is: Jehovahs Witness Christian Bible Discussion (no apostrophe in Jehovah)

Please note that this is not meant to be a forum for hostile debate or insults. This is an opportunity to come and reason together in a way reflects Christian principles. I understand that we will not all agree on all things but when we disagree we will do it with "gentleness and respect."

The room will open at 2:30 pm central time every Sunday. At 3:00 pm a short talk will start and then the discussion will begin.


Anonymous said...

How patronising ,"Jehovahs Witnesses and "Christians"....perhaps it would be less so if you had said "Jehovahs Witnesses and Evangelicals" ...or if you are going to throw in the term "Christian" don't arrogantly apply it to yourselves in this context, instead consider for next time a "Christian" discussion between Jehovahs Witnesses and Evangelicals...

The Apologetic Front said...

@Anonymous, i'm sorry you found that to be patronising. Maybe I should have just said, "whatever anyone wants to call themselves...come to our Bible study."