Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Women doing theology and apologetics? What?

Recently, my friend Chris Date interviewed someone on a very interesting topic: women and apologetics.  I must admit I was quite taken back when I started listening to this podcast.  I wasn't surprised because Chris was interviewing an apologist who happens to be a female; I was surprised because he was interviewing her on what seems to be a "no no" topic these days.

I say this because i've always wondered why it is that women are rarely interested in theology and apologetics.  When I ask this question to others, I seem to get responses such as, "well, women just aren't academically inclined like men are."  What?  I find this hard to swallow.  I'm not sure what the statistics are, but I would imagine the number of women college students in the U.S. is pretty high.

At any rate, Chris Date was brave enough to ask Mary Jo Sharp the tough questions as it relates to why women aren't normally inclined to thinking biblically on an intellectual level.  To be more specific (just in case any female readers are outraged by such a statement), you don't see too many women digging into systematic theology textbooks and the like.  Its not that they can't; they just don't.

Mary Jo Sharp is quite the exception.  Not only has she studied apologetics, but she teaches and debates as well.  Of course, no one is saying that all women should be like this (just as not all men should be like this).  But she is saying that all men and women are called to study the word and be prepared to "make a defense." (1 Peter 3:15)

Most likely, if you are a man or woman reading this, you are already interested in theology and apologetics to some extent.  Otherwise, I couldn't imagine why you'd be reading my blog!  Anyway, I hope you all will spread the word about Mary Jo Sharp and what she is doing to get women involved in theology and apologetics.  I think the fact that Mary is a women will help other women to relate, as she explains in the interview.  So if you are a women and are hesitant to get involved in theology and apologetics, or simply don't know where to start; here's a perfect opportunity!

To listen to the interview between Chris Date and Mary Jo Sharp, go HERE

To check out Mary Jo Sharp's website (where she has her own podcast), go HERE

To check out Mary Jo Sharp's podcast, go HERE


Christie said...

Thank you for posting this!!! :)

Denise said...

I really like your website. I am a woman and love apologetics. I am beginning to see I am reading more and more books about defending my faith. I just purchased "The New Evidence that Demands a Verdict"by Josh McDowell,
The Kingdom of the Cults, and Reasoning from the Scriptures with JW's. My family believes many things except the Glory of Christ. I need those books to help me explain different topics with members of my family. Good Post.

Mike Felker said...

Thank you Denise, for sharing. Very encouraging to hear!

Chris said...

I don't know how I missed this post until just now. Mike, you're too kind to me, posting the occasional link to my podcast. I am so thankful that others are finding some of my episodes useful. You're absolutely right: Mary Jo is brilliant. It's funny, I didn't feel like I was asking very controversial questions; I guess I wasn't aware they were controversial, or perhaps I wouldn't have asked them :) Can't wait to have you on for JW part 2!

Chris said...

What I meant was, "I guess [it's a good thing] I wasn't aware they were controversial, or perhaps I wouldn't have asked them :)"

Anonymous said...

Check out www.womeninapologetics.com. MaryJo is a member of The International Society of Women in Apologetics.

Sarah Ankenman
President of ISWA

TRUTH459 said...

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