Sunday, March 06, 2011

Would any Jehovah's Witnesses care to explain this?


Nick Potts said...

boom, roasted.

Anonymous said...

Interesting comments. Do the Elders run around telling people about such books? No. If you ask them if they have an 'Elders book' will they tell you? Yes they will. Non issue.

The Apologetic Front said...

@Anonymous, I can definitely disagree with the approach by the man in the video in that he is asking whether the book itself is secret. But I think what he is more interested in, as am I, is whether the information contained in the book is secret.

Since the manual is for all elders, what could it possibly contain whereby the WT would have such strict guidelines in not letting anyone but elders see what is inside?

Anonymous said...

I can honestly say I have never examined one. However, I have spoken to a few who have had it, not the new one, but the old one.

From my understanding of the old one, it was simply a means of having specific information easily accessable. The information generally went back to Watchtowers and Awakes that anyone could get.

Again, if you would ask an Elder about a certain subject he would give you the information.

The book may contain comments from the Society that would probably help lead Elders to be united in the decisions they make about certain subjects.

My question is why is this an issue? I don't know all the details about decision making by the office at my job. Secrets? Maybe. They would probably tell me if I ask. Give me their personnel manual, probably not.

Anonymous said...

I can honestly say I have never read the 'elders manual'. However, from talking to those that do have this book (about the previous edition) it seems that the book simply provides to the point discussions on important issues with regards to the Congregation.

In other words, it would save the person from having to do all the research himself. A few years ago before the WT Library it could be quite time consuming. It basically contains the same information you get from the Watchtower and Awake, and even references these.

My guess is that it also gives more clear viewpoints from the GB on procedures to help keep the Brothers unified.

A secret as some suggest, no. You have a question about something from the book. Ask and you shall recieve.

The Apologetic Front said...


Admittedly, this is not a hill to die on for me. Nor is it one that I care to debate. However, its a rather strange issue, especially when you consider the length to which the WT went in order to ensure that absolutely no one has an opportunity to read the material who is not an elder. Did you read the instructions sent out to the elders?

It was as if this is "top secret" information. I suppose its just strange considering we are talking about Christianity here. I can't imagine the apostles in the first century engaging in something like this, nor could I imagine my church doing the same.

Anonymous said...

No, I did not read the letter. But I am aware that no one other than Elders should have access to this book. Much like the WT Library is for Witnesses and the Study Ed WT is for Witnesses only. And the OD book is for Witnesses only.

With regards the apostles not doing the same, I see your point. I would imagine the stress on the issue is that the publication wouldn't be published online for all to see, for various reasons. So much for that.

Interesting you don't want to debate this. You did want someone to explain and I did just that.

As always,

The First and only Real Anonymous