Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Self-Sufficient Knower: an introduction to revelational epistemology

The argument i'm presenting was originally proposed by the late GREG BAHNSEN in his book, "PRESUPPOSITIONAL APOLOGETICS: STATED AND DEFENDED".  This video will hopefully be the beginning of a work in progress to provide some illustrations and defenses of revelational epistemology.  Revelational epistemology, biblically speaking, is the idea that one cannot have knowledge without revelation.  In other words, unless you begin with Scripture, you cannot know anything at all.

This video is semi-technical and may be difficult to follow (Try reading Bahnsen on this...oh my!).  But if need be, I may make a simpler version of it depending on what others say in response.  However, i'm hoping the future attempts of this "introduction to revelational epistemology" series will offer further clarity.

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