Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Busy...really busy.

After having to turn down an invitation to a formal debate and get overly behind on my email and comment responses (i'm terribly worry I haven't responded to you yet), I may as well spill the beans. I'm really busy.  Due to personal reasons, i've felt responsibly obligated to take on two jobs for the time being.  Of course, this leaves me with very little time to do much of anything apologetics oriented.  This bums me out a little, but I know God is sovereign and has a purpose in all of this.

Of course, i'll blog when I can but it probably won't be more than once a week.  As far as responding to emails and comments, I really have no idea when I can get to those.  Even rebuttal-blogs and videos are going to be difficult for me to get to.  Right now, I have several things I must prioritize in order for me to make the most of my time:

1. Sleep

2.  Spending time with the Lord in prayer and Scripture.

3.  Working out.

4.  Studying Greek (I can't lose my momentum with this. Too much invested in this to quit)

5.  Reading.

If all of these are fulfilled, then i'll use whatever time I have to blog, respond to emails, or whatever.  I don't know how long things will be like this, but i'm just thankful for the opportunity to be employed.

I appreciate all of my readers, whether you agree with my theology/beliefs or not, and I hope you'll stick around.


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vasquez said...

Good luck and take care.

The Apologetic Front said...

Dave, I know where you live.

Vas, I appreciate that, though I don't believe in luck ;-)

Anonymous said...

No one is going anywhere :-) Hang in there. - Nick

Anonymous said...

Α ξέχασα, συνεχίστε ελληνικές σπουδές σας. Θα είναι πολύ χρήσιμο. - Nick