Saturday, December 24, 2011

Review of the March 2012 Watchtower Study Edition

In this review, I focus primarily on Romans 8 and a unique interpretation provided by the Watchtower as it relates to their "two class" theology.  I also discuss some other elements of interest in the same article.

You can watch the review HERE

You can listen to the review HERE

You can download the March 2012 Watchtower Study Edition HERE

On a side note, i'm very much considering doing a podcast in the near future.  The reason being, i'm realizing that far more people are out there who are just like me with little time to read and a lot of time to listen.  I've got the necessary equipment to do it, but my audio acoustics (as you can tell) are pretty awful in my current living situation.  But that is going to change soon, Lord willing (so long as my next place doesn't have hard wood floors and thin walls!).

Anyway, doing reviews of Watchtowers like this might make for a good podcast in addition to debates and dialogues. I'm just brainstorming out loud right now, so we'll see what happens.

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