Saturday, February 24, 2007

Greek/Hebrew dictionaries and lexicons corrupt?

"There are no safe and reliable sources available today, outside of the Holy Bible, that can be used for Bible study or translation work."

"Those who use new lexicons and new versions need to be aware of the men who are behind the ‘new meanings’ in them. Their authors revolted against the traditional translation of the Bible and sought to replace it with ‘new meanings’ for Greek and Hebrew words."

"Hebrew and Greek lexicons and grammars are not only unsafe, they are unnecessary. If they were a “need” (Phil. 4:19), God would make good lexicons available."

"All available lexical tools, which would be the means of ‘reading’ these Greek and Hebrew texts, are corrupt."

Interesting statements, huh? Who are they from? None other than King James Only advocate Gail Riplinger in her recent newsletter. If you are unfamiliar to the KJonly debate, the quotes above might come as a shocker. But to sum it up, Gail Riplinger believes that the King James Bible is the only inspired, innerant Word of God. This means that all "new" Bible versions, such as the NIV, NASB, and even the NKJV are corrupt.

My current studies are in the areas of textual criticism and the King James only debate. Many people may wonder why anyone would want to get involved in such things? To be honest, I wish I didn't have to get involved. But sadly, this issue is not only tearing apart churches, but it is causing believers to doubt that God's Word has been preserved. And when I read this newsletter, I was saddened in realizing that thousands and thousands of people are in full support of Gail Riplinger's position. And although I am well aware at what Gail Riplinger believes, I was completely shocked at some of the things her newsletter said. I had no idea that King James onlyists were arguing that even the Greek/Hebrew dictionaries and lexicons were corrupt. Think about what this means; Gail Riplinger wants us to believe that we can have no idea as to what Greek texts the KJV translators were translating from. You see, Gail Riplinger believes that the King James translation is a new revelation from God. And because of this, she automatically has to reject anything that is not the King James Bible. Why? Because it isn't God's preserved Word! And it strikes me as ironic that Gail is forced to come to these conclusions. And the reason is simple; the King James Bible is not a perfect translation in any way, shape or form. It has mistakes. Words were mistranslated and it was based on inferior manuscripts. And because of this, Gail Riplinger is forced to take her position to its only conclusion: everything else is corrupt; all the godly men involved in the painstaking work of providing us with language tools to check our Bibles in the original languages are dismissed as heretics.

I don't want to go into too much depth on this subject, but I want people to be aware at what's going on. I have a lot more research to do before I write an in-depth blog on the subject. But I intend to in the next few months. God bless you all! And if you have any questions about this issue, feel free to ask.

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