Monday, April 21, 2008

Must one be a Calvinist to be saved? A response to Chance

I just noticed that I called him "Chase" a few times. Sorry!!


Anonymous said...

I'm now officially addicted to this blog. just so you know.

Also. I have another question. I've been reading more about Calvinism since your last blog and have noticed a bit of a theme of pre-destination. I realize that there are probably many different views on this even within and between Calvinists, but it does seem to be there to some extent within all five points. I was wondering what your feelings in particular are towards pre-destination?


Mike said...

"Calvinism fully captures the essence of the gospel"....good wording!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for starting the video blog. I'm definitely enjoying it thus far. When I started reading your blog on MySpace, I was doing lots of reading and thinking regarding my theological standpoint and your blog was always an interesting insight (now I'm a "five pointer"!).
Anyways, looking forward to more blogs.

Mike-e said...

Thanks! I appreciate those comments!