Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Questions about Calvinism

About a week ago, one of my readers asked me a question:

I've been reading more about Calvinism since your last blog and have noticed a bit of a theme of pre-destination. I realize that there are probably many different views on this even within and between Calvinists, but it does seem to be there to some extent within all five points. I was wondering what your feelings in particular are towards pre-destination?

I was going to do a video to answer this, but i've been getting a lot of questions from people lately in regards to Calvinism. Most people have no idea what it is. And quite honestly, Calvinism isn't exactly my number one priority as of late. But I do think it is an important issue; something that everyone should have some sort of understanding of. This is not to say that everyone should have to read the writings of Arminius or Calvin. But this issue has everything to do with how and why a person gets saved. Is God in control of salvation or isn't he? Did Jesus die on the cross for all men, or a particular group? Who is responsible for the evil in this world? Questions like these are extremely important, but they are still peripheral issues that Christians should not divide over. We should debate these issues rigorously, but with respect to one another.

With that said, i'm going to do a videoblog series on predestination/Calvinism. I'm not sure when i'll start this, because i've got a few other projects underway. But hopefully soon!


Kaylah Scissorhands said...

nice!! looking forward to it man... =]

[yeah, I changed my username :)...might as well make them all the same right? lol]

John Lofton, Recovering Republican said...

Calvin-admiring site TheAmericanView.com


PS - Love Morecraft, too...