Tuesday, July 22, 2008

James White critiques Ergun Caner's sermon against Calvinism

I've been meaning to do some videos explaining Calvinism, but haven't been able to. Its pretty difficult being in New York as there are not many places where I can make video blogs in a quite environment. Furthermore, I have pretty much no resources at hand. But recently, I found this video where someone with way too much time on their hands synced the video of one of Ergun Caner's sermons with the audio where James White critiques. Although Dr. Caner isn't exactly the best that the Arminian side has to offer, many of his objections are common. Chances are, if you are an Arminian, your questions and objection to Calvinism will be answered. If not, leave a comment or shoot me an email and i'll answer your question the best I can.

I think everyone can benefit from watching this, especially those who are interested in investigating Calvinism.

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