Thursday, July 24, 2008

Louie Giglio, laminin, and the cross

In no way am I writing this to discourage Louie Giglio's ministry in any way. He is an incredible communicator and has certainly done amazing things for the kingdom. Nonetheless, I have to talk about this. A friend of mine sent me this video today. As I watched it, I pretty much agreed with everything he was saying. In fact, the talk was passionate and full of biblical truth...up until...laminin? See for yourself.

I'm sorry, but the "left hook" or "final punch" to the sermon didn't do it for me. Honestly, a spaniard seeing Mary in a tortilla was more convincing than this. I mean, what are the chances of molecules shaping themselves randomly into a cross? Well, they are not too bad, actually. Ok, ok, I get the point: Jesus holds everything together and so does laminin, which happens to be in the shape of a cross. I don't know, this just didn't awe me like it did the audience. Maybe I wasn't in the moment?

Ok, here's the real reason why this didn't do it for me. Louie asked the question, "How can we know that this is true...that God will hold on to us no matter what?" Wow, what a suspenseful question! It certainly would have had me leaning on the edge of my seat! And this is where your apologetic methodology determines what your answer to that question would be. Essentially, Louie was asking, "How do I know that these words in the Bible are true?" Not knowing Louie's position on apologetic methodology, I had no idea what was coming!

Sure enough, it was evidentialism. In other words, the evidentialist answers that question by appealing to evidence. But not just any evidence; evidence from outside God's Word. He appealed to a molecule shaped like a cross. Whether you are an evidentialist or presuppositionalist, listen to what Louie is saying: "The way we can know for certain that God will hold on to us no matter what is because laminin is shaped like a cross." Am I missing something? If that's not what Louie is essentially saying, please correct me on this.


Mike said...

I have to agree with you bro. But then again, the axles and drive shaft on my car are set up like a cross.

Lisa said...

hi mike,
i've transported here from your myspace page ;)
i saw this video recently, i actually liked the two sermons i have seen by gigliano. both 'how great is our God' and 'indescribable'. i can't remember which is this is on.

i had the same reaction as to you this bit though. i mean, laminin seems quite cool and the analogy was at least somewhat useful.. but i truly was a bit uncomfortable with the way that this little molecule suddenly became much more than that. i guess that was not his intention but yeah.. sometimes we can get over emotional about things that may very well be good analogies but still so much less than the articulation of truth.

God bless my friend,

Lisa (aka gracelikerain)

Leidy said...


I would recommend researching the history of the cross. I would also read different parts of the bible explaining how Jesus was killed. I believe in Jesus, but from my research I've learned that there is no relevance between Jesus Crist and the cross. What is your imput?


Anonymous said...

i think you missed the point... take what he said in context...

Anonymous said...

God has set everything in place as it should be. He leaves small clues all around us showing how much He loves and values us. He is the creator of all things. Laminin is another way of reassuring that He holds us secure in His mighty hand. He is also not a compicated being. To over think takes too much time & energy. Enjoy and marvel at what He has created. After all, man could not have made the universe and everything in it. God Bless!