Monday, February 16, 2009

I didn't believe it until I saw it

Surely, western nations aren't banning respectful, public, moderated dialogues on important issues concerning religion? Think again. I was absolutely blown away by this. If you are a thinking individual who actually cares about your freedom of speech, then you must watch this video. I was honestly laughing out loud (I should have been crying) at the complete and total absurdity of the U.N. "hate speech policy" defender. This is unbelievable. It really is time to wake our nation up and encourage interaction on the public square. Too many are becoming apathetic in the name of "political correctness." And if we keep burying our heads in the sand, you can watch our freedom get flushed right down the toilet. Please pray for our leaders, that we not lose our most precious freedoms.

You can watch the video HERE.

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