Saturday, February 14, 2009

Its coming folks, and don't say I didn't warn you.

And, following a 2008 U.N. resolution urging nations to outlaw "defamation of religion," several nations - including Italy, the Netherlands and France - are attempting to ban "hate speech" against religious groups.

Right. I can see the U.N. banning the publication of Richard Dawkins' next anti-Christian book. The U.N. is consistent, right? I mean, surely they aren't singling out Muslims and would prosecute anyone who degrades the name of Jesus Christ?

This kind of "political correctness" really disgusts me. When is radical Islam going to grow up and stop strapping bombs to their chests every time someone slanders their "holy prophet?" I hope and pray that our example as Christians can become an example to radical Islam, that responding with sound argument and rationality is far more productive than blowing yourself up. Its truly sad.

The article above can be read HERE.


Mike said...

Check out "" for all the dastardly acts committed in the name of Allah!

Micah and Blair said...

So I checked out your blog after writing you on facebook. I hate to disappoint you but Christians have given Muslims a lot of reason to believe that we are fanantical and also have extremist in our religion. So maybe we are not as bad but you should do a search for books on Christian Zionism and Dispensationalism. I dont know if google would show them but basically there is a lot of stuff out their that make Christians look violent over the whole Israel thing and this is all in the name of God. I think we will draw them to Christ not by showing them that we are more perfect than they are and by adding up many people they have killed and how many we have killed. Rather it is the gospel that is the drawing factor because it is so full of life. It will take us being very gracious with Muslims and not assuming that all Muslims are the same. Come here and you will find that the media does not care about the average joe Muslims. The same goes for Christianity, all they want to do is make public all the morons and dummies to make Christianity look stupid. We dont want to be blamed for doing the same thing to other religions, rather win them with our love and show them the irresistible beauty of the gospel!

Mike-e said...

Hey Micah, thanks for your comment. I'm well aware of the "radical dispensationalism" that's out there and would share the same sentiments with them. And believe me, if the U.N. was advocating the same "hate speech laws" as they do with Muslims to the Zionists, then I would argue just as strongly.

The problem is, these "hate speech" laws are done in the name of fear. They don't want to upset the radical Muslims, so they take away our most precious rights. My point is, whether you are a Zionists, Radical Muslim, or whoever, when someone "blasphemes" your religion, sound argument should be the appropriate response.

In our case, when someone blasphemes Jesus, as I said in the blog, violence is not the answer. Furthermore, as you pointed out, we should use these opportunities to share the gospel rather than fuel the fire.

However, my plea is for all the fanatics in the world to grow up and bring civil respect to the public square. Obviously, I think the gospel should be our primary concern. But secondly, I think everyone, on matter which religious persuasion, needs to learn that violence is not the answer.