Thursday, July 09, 2009

Discussion/debate with a non-Trinitarian

The topic for discussion is "The Trinity". The question is: Are
the Father, Son and Holy Spirit all one God? Our guests are
Patrick Navas, author of the book "Divine Truth or Human
Tradition, 'A Reconsideration of the Roman Catholic-Protestant
Doctrine of the Trinity in Light of the Hebrew and Christian
Scriptures". In defense of the Trinity is Brian Garcia, former
Jehovah's Witness apologist and now Christian apologist.

I thought this was a good discussion for the most part. But towards the end it got difficult to listen to when people started calling in. However, these types of conversations are very rare, so if you are interested in hearing both sides of this issue, i'd recommend this.

You can listen to the full audio HERE


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I know this is an old post, but I listened to the conversation over at Six Screens of the Watchtower, and I just wanted to comment on a few things that a couple callers made.

Joseph, made a comment that Christ is only Creator of humanity, and argued that "all" doesn't always mean "all." And to this, he is absolutely correct in regards to "all" not always referring to "everybody, everywhere" or "everything that had existed or is presently existing." However, he is absolutely wrong in his assertion that Christ only created humanity, and it's a bit of a surprise that he brought up Colossians 1:15 to prove his point, because in v. 16, the very next verse, Paul tells us what it means by "all things" -- all things in both, the heavens and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities. Mr. Garcia was quick to point out a similar text in Hebrews, but Colossians 1:16 indicated just what "all" means -- everything.

In regards to the caller right after Joseph, whose name I did not catch, made the statement that whenever "God" is mentioned in the text of Scripture that Trinitarians refer to this as meaning "Father, Son, and Holy Spirit." However, this is far from the truth. Just as "Man" can refer specifically to male to the exclusion of female, so also "God" can refer to the Father to the exclusion of the Son. However, just as "Man" can include both male and female as a class of being, (Genesis 5:2), so too "God" can include both Father and Son as a class of being.

The Apologetic Front said...

Hey Clint, thanks for your comment. With regards to your latter point, what Scripture would you propose as conclusive whereby "God" collectively refers to "Father, Son, and Holy Spirit." I'm not disputing this as a possibility, but would like to see where this is explicitly stated.