Friday, September 18, 2009

Don't let them hear!!

According to, Kirk Cameron has gone too far.

On Thursday November 19, 2009, Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort (the banana guy) will be distributing 50,000 copies of Charles Darwin's 'Origin of Species' at universities across America to students for free.


Each copy will have a 50 page intro about how evolution has never been proven and how Darwin helped inspire the Holocaust.

If this outrages you, then you're not alone. There's something we can do though. We can amass as many of these books as possible, remove the 50 page intro, and then donate perfectly good copies of 'Origin of Species' to schools, libraries, and Goodwill. We can actually make this into something positive.

If you are in college, then you are in a good position to help. Check your campus on November 19th, and if you see a group distributing copies of the book, then get as many as you can. Get a copy for yourself, ask if you can have extra copies for your friends, ask your friends to go ask for copies, and ask other people you see carrying the book if you can have their copy.

This is a shameful thing that Kirk Cameron and the Banana Guy are doing by altering another person's book in order to push their agenda. But we can help to restore the book to how it was intended and keep young minds from being brainwashed by misinformation.

Now, I can't say that this is the way I would want to get the message out, but why are evolutionists going to waste their time doing this? Does anyone else see the obvious here: that evolutionists just don't want the public to hear the other side? If anything, the creationists are allowing more from the other side, since Origin of Species, last time I checked, was much longer than 50 pages.

Shouldn't the evolutionists be excited that evolutionary literature is being passed out? Don't they want people to know about evolution? If Creationism is so silly, then won't this be obvious to the students who read Origin of Species after a measly 50 pages of Creationism?

When's the last time you saw an evolutionist passing out literature displaying both sides of the issue? One side has an open mind, and the other doesn't. Seems pretty clear to me who that is.

If you want to join in the suppression of independent, free thinking, then go HERE.

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