Monday, September 07, 2009

Don't question us. Trust everything we say.

If you claim to love God, then you must love God's organization, which is run by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. But it doesn't stop there. You cannot be suspicious of its teachings. They aren't to be questioned or doubted. After all, they are "God's organization." Furthermore, you must "believe all things," or believe everything they say. "Does this mean that we should believe them, even when they teach error?" Yep, exactly. Wait a minute. Are you getting suspicious right now? Stop it. Don't look into their history and don't doubt their authority. They are God's organization, and you should "believe all things" just as you believe everything that is taught in the Bible.

Also, remember that they have always been faithful in dispensing spiritual truths, even from its inception. "But didn't they falsely predict that the end would come several times? Didn't they teach that organ transplants is cannibalism?" You're doing it again. You are asking questions and not "believing all things." That is not how you are to treat God's organization. They are dispensing spiritual truth and you should be thankful for that. Satan obviously has his grasp on you, or else you wouldn't be thinking such things. You must be talking to apostates.

Trust us. Don't ask questions. We teach the truth. Always. Believe us, just as you believe the Bible.

*reference* Qualified to be Ministers (Published in 1955), Page 156


21CrosschecK21 said...

I had thought I had seen it all but that one escaped me.

Excellent post my friend.

Dawn said...

wow, your post is dead on, and exactly how I feel about the organization right now. It's like I went to college, missed a ton of meetings, and then your post sums up how I felt when I started going back to meetings. It was like I was deprogrammed and could see through all the BS.