Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Trailers for "Collision"

I am very excited about this upcoming film, not only because it seems to be very well made but because it presents the theistic position that I am very fond of: the presuppositional approach. I've listened to Hitchens and Wilson debate opposing positions a number of times and feel that this interaction will be very useful to those interested. Furthermore, I think its about time the public gets exposed to arguments other than the commonly held "evidentialist" approach.

The film will be released in late October. Check out these trailers:

(ht: Richard Dawkins)

Also, if you want to listen to Doug Wilson at his finest, check out the debate between him and Dan Barker HERE

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21CrosschecK21 said...

Thanks for the heads up on this Mike. The trailers were excellent and I am really looking forward to that coming out.

It was you who introduced me to this style of apologetic and it his drastically changed the way I approach atheist. I have been very blessed by it.