Saturday, April 03, 2010

Radio discussion on the age of the universe

Is the Universe thousands or billions of years old? To the naturalistic materialist, the answer to this question is obvious. To the Bible believer, it may be a bit more controversial. Though I don't write on this topic too often, it is a subject that I am very passionate about. In fact, the issue of the age of the earth is what got me interested in apologetics in the first place. Anyway, the most important thing I like to first focus on when it comes to the age of the earth is what the Bible says. And that is what I focus on when I hear radio discussions like this. I ask, "Who is importing their ideas into the Bible and who is deriving their ideas from the Bible?"

Both of the participants in this discussion, Hugh Ross and Jason Lisle, are Ph.D astrophysicists, which always makes these issues more exciting. And this is especially true when their area of expertise is the focus of the discussion. I hope you all will listen to this short discussion and come to your own conclusions on the matter.


(ht: Apologetics 315)


Rey Discomfort said...

Another case of someone changing science to fit the infallible word of God.

Rey Discomfort said...

To be fair though, that is what this debate was about.

YEC's still fail to convince me that the earth is young, and in the case of Lisle, it would seem that he spends most of his time accusing those who don't agree with him of making fallacies.