Friday, April 02, 2010

Watchtower study editions now available to the "public."

Unless you are a serious student of studying Watchtower literature, this will probably be of no interest to you. But if you are a student of such things, this is great news. Since I stopped regularly attending Kingdom Hall meetings a few years ago, I have had no access to the Watchtower "study editions" that the organization started putting out. As a matter of fact, I had stopped attending right when the first study edition was put out. Since then, there have been two types of Watchtower magazines put forth each month; a "public" edition and a "private" edition for those who attend meetings. As most of you might already realize, most of the meat is found in the study editions and therefore contains much stronger language towards the organization, whereas the public editions may not emphasize these "controlling" aspects as much.

Well now, it looks like these study editions are now available for anyone to download as a PDF. Unfortunately, only the 2010 editions are available. But it looks like they will be available each month for now on. If you want to download these, go HERE.

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