Saturday, July 10, 2010

Some thoughts on the 2010 District Convention of the Jehovah's Witnesses

The 2010 District Convention of the Jehovah's Witnesses as themed, "Remain close to Jehovah," was arguably one of the most important district conventions in Watchtower history.  To emphasize this point, please watch the following talk that was held at a convention in Washington:






As you will see, this talk referenced a very important alteration or "extension" in the meaning of "this generation" of Matthew 24:34.  Though much can be said with regards to this change, here were some of my PRELIMINARY THOUGHTS, since the material had LEAKED before the conventions began.

As to my thoughts on the talk, as well as my fellow brother Brock's, check out:

It is my prayer that none of this will be viewed as mere criticisms, but as a plea for Jehovah's Witnesses to find the true peace and security that can only be found in Jesus Christ (Romans 5:1), not in an organization.


Anonymous said...


Mark Hunter said...

Either the JW readers of this blog don't agree that this convention is important, or they can't see the huge issues this change in "generation" doctrine poses, or rather they have no reply due to the new doctrine being indefensible.

Or maybe they haven't managed to immediately agree with the Governing Body's new light. Perhaps some are holding differing views privately.

Either way, I find their silence very curious.

Mike Felker said...

Yeah, i'm wondering the same thing. This is where I really feel sorry for the JW apologists who have to try to defend the indefensible. I mean, I can see why the rank-and-file may not have a problem with this, as they will probably never have to defend this. But the apologist basically has to ignore this whole thing altogether and hope that we'll all forget about the mess that the org has put themselves in through this.

Praise the Lord that we don't have an organization to defend like this! Oh the problems when you have an authority above the scriptures...

TruthSolace said...

No honey, you guys are just soo boring nobody cares to reply anymore...I am sure you will have a good comeback for this - I posted comments on this video on youtube. I am too busy having amazing conversations with people who comment on your video's ! And amazing conversations with Truthers who know it's the end of the world and no-one else out there is explaining why ! But go ahead and have fun in your little - silly game of what ever it is you do. The name of JEHOVAH is busy being preached earthwide and your silly little video's and blogs are not even makin a dent ! you guys are cute = carrying on now with the real work - Jesus is busy helping us bye !

TruthSolace said...

ps love the chinese guy - i babelfished one of his comments one time - still made little sense but He seems to like your blog. ?

Mike Felker said...

@truthsolace. I appreciate you stopping by and (hopefully) for taking the time to watch my video.

However, you did just as I suspected; say absolutely nothing about the content of this blog/video in showing was is incorrect and simply throw in a bunch of red herrings.

All this proves to me is that your position is defenseless.

Mark Hunter said...

@truthsolace, as usual, I'm intrigued by your reliance on the global preaching of JEHOVAH'S name as being proof of your good-standing with God.

However, I don't see any verses in the Christian Greek scriptures of any of the 1st century Christians having such a message as their "good news". I don't even see Jesus being overly focussed on preaching JEHOVAH'S name.

Anyway, I've blogged about this very issue and I'd love to know your thoughts, particularly on scriptures such as 2 Cor 5:17-21