Friday, July 09, 2010

Debates by Stephen Meyer

STEPHEN MEYER is arguably the leading proponent of Intelligent Design in the world today, especially after publishing the book, SIGNATURE IN THE CELL.  In my opinion, if you are such a leading voice in a movement such as this, it is extremely important to be able hold your view up to public scrutiny.  And contrary to men like Richard Dawkins, who has been more public than Meyer will probably ever be, Meyer has been willing to accept challenges in the form of public debate.

Experiencing public debate is one of the most beneficial things you can do in making up your mind on a controversial issue.  And thankfully, Meyer has provided plenty of opportunity for the viewer to decide on whether ID is viable, true, false, improbable, or whatever.  HERE, Meyer's website has provided some very informative debates for free so that anyone can listen and come to their own conclusion.  I've listened to most of these and have found them to be very helpful.  And I would recommend you do the same:

1. Debate with Peter Atikins on Premiere Radio UK

2. Debate on Origins of Life featuring Stephen Meyer, Richard Sternberg, Michael Shermer, and Donald Prothero

3. Debate with Chris Mooney on The Michael Medved Show

4. Debate With Peter Ward on The Dori Monson Show (KIRO)

5. Debate With Peter Ward at Talk of the Times (TVW)

6. Debate With Michael Ruse on Ben Wattenberg’s Think Tank (PBS) part 1  part 2

7. Debate with Michael Shermer on Faith Under Fire


Anonymous said...

Quality is better than quantity.............................................................

Mark Hunter said...

The debate with Peter Atkins really opened my eyes to the ID argument, particularly when it was juxtapositioned with Atkin's own views on evolution.

I really liked the whole "do you believe in evolution? Yes or no?" being likened to "have you stopped beating your wife? Yes or no?"